Being a new parent can be overwhelming on its own, but being a new parent of a child with a facial difference can be even more stressful. AboutFace is here to help!






We connect AboutFace members from across Canada and internationally through our networking programs. To register for Peer-to-Peer Networking, please SIGN UP HERE and specify you would like to connect with someone via peer-peer networking.

  • A grounding experience that validates concerns and feelings
  • An empowering strength to create confidence and self acceptance
  • An outlet to reduce anxiety, fear and loneliness
  • An opportunity to open doors to information and community access
  • A “buddy” to have honest and open discussions
  • A chance to share and relate medical information and experiences


What's a facial difference 1*Due to staff changes, these Workshop Conference calls are currently suspended*
AboutFace hosts a monthly Parent Workshop Call for parents of a child with a facial difference. The purpose of these calls is to:

  • Provide an opportunity to connect with other parents who can relate to your experiences and feelings
  • Provide useful information, strategies and ideas
  • Provide a safe and trusting place to share and learn
  • Share life experiences


AboutFace has various publications and resources to encourage discussions around facial differences for school as well as for home.

CLICK HERE to see all the resources that are available.


AboutFace’s Camp Trailblazers is a camp for children 10-18 and provides a special place for them to make friends, share ideas and create new experiences, safe in the knowledge they can express their feelings while knowing their individuality will also be respected. Our goal is that the experience encourages them to have a positive impact on others, and that they witness first hand the valuable contribution they make in their own relationships.

We also offer Family Camp Trailblazers in British Columbia and Newfoundland which is for children of all ages, siblings, parents or adults with a facial difference. It is a similar program to our regular Camp Trailblazers but it provides programming for families together as well as separately, and of course regular camp activities like campfires, swimming, canoeing etc. depending on the location. It is a great opportunity for families to grow together and also connect with other families.


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