A message from our Chair & ED on anti-Black racism

Posted: Jun, 3 2020

Together, we want to convey our sorrow and concern about the increasing acts of anti-Black racism and prejudice permeating daily lives.

We stand with those impacted, and we strongly support the movement to end systemic racism and oppression.

The violence and brutality have been painfully difficult to watch. But, we cannot look away, and we must speak up.

At AboutFace, we reject discrimination in every form. Every day we work with and for the facial difference community in Canada, to build awareness, diversity, and inclusion.

Just last month, we recognized Face Equality Week; the facial difference community has a strong dedication to promoting equality for all.

But, even as we acknowledge the need for face equality, we must also recognize the intersectionality of the members of our community. In Canada, Black people, Indigenous people, and other racialized people living with facial differences encounter significant systemic barriers, discrimination, and mistreatment due to both their difference and their race.

This movement to address racism and discrimination is an opportunity for us to be allies and supporters, a chance for us to take thoughtful and determined actions to advance the changes which are badly needed and long overdue.

We are here to listen and to find ways to support our community and those impacted by barriers and discrimination. If you have thoughts or feedback on how AboutFace can continue to advance its diversity and inclusion work, please email: danielle@aboutface.ca.

We encourage members of our community to listen, learn, and show support for this movement – each of us has a role and responsibility to play in effecting change.

Kariym Joachim, President & Chair of the Board

Danielle Griffin, Executive Director