Beyond My Face

It's time to see beyond facial differences.


The latest video for our Beyond My Face campaign features six kids who are storytellers, leaders, and challengers of stereotypes, and they’re asking everyone to “See Beyond My Face.”

In our recent survey of facial difference community members in Canada, parents most often reported concerns about their kids being bullied and teased because of their difference, and a general lack of understanding about facial differences.

We wanted this year’s Beyond My Face video to address these concerns head-on and to show us what is possible when inclusion and equality are a given.

Beyond My Face is an ongoing campaign, which challenges misconceptions about living with a facial difference. It’s aimed at decreasing discrimination and harassment of the facial difference community. And, it’s targeted at building public understanding and acceptance.

In these times, it’s more important than ever to continue the movement for positive change – a movement to create greater acceptance, compassion, and understanding.

The momentum for meaningful and lasting change is with us, if we work together.

Please be part of it:

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  • Support diversity and inclusion initiatives for people living with facial differences.
  • Promote and support equality.
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