Break Open Ticket Program

What are Break Open Tickets?

'Break Open Tickets' (BOT), commonly known as ‘Nevada Tickets’ or ‘Pull Tabs’, are lottery tickets that support various charities. You may have seen these rectangular-shaped cardboard tickets, which resemble slot machines, on the counters of convenience stores, bingo halls, legions, and other venues across Ontario. The perforated cover window tabs have symbols that are revealed by tearing open the cover tab, revealing your win!

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Charitable gaming revenues are a source of funding for a large number of worthy organizations and undertakings, including AboutFace. In Ontario, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is responsible for regulating and overseeing the licensed lottery events (such as bingo, raffles and the sale of break open tickets) conducted by charitable and religious organizations to raise funds to support charitable purposes. The Criminal Code (Canada) allows provincial governments to set gaming regulations.

How Can I Find BOTs That Support AboutFace?

The Break Open Tickets (BOT) Program has been a valued asset to the AboutFace organization for over 20 years. At AboutFace, we encourage, empower and educate anyone living with a facial difference (including those affected directly or indirectly), through support, information, skills development, and education. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Break Open Ticket (at specific locations) support AboutFace charity. For a list of locations, CLICK HERE!

How Can I Become a Nevada Ticket Seller/Site?

If you plan to sell break open tickets on behalf of a licensed charitable or religious organization, you must be registered by the AGCO. A registered seller is permitted to sell break open tickets on behalf of a licensed charitable or religious organization, and is also permitted to sell lottery products on behalf of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) with a valid OLG Retailer Contract. For more information on how you can become a BOT seller, visit the AGCO website: and take a look at this List of Approved BOT Manufacturers:

How Do BOTs Make A Difference?

BOT proceeds are used to support programs and services in Ontario.

You help us to:

  • Support a new parent with a baby born with a facial difference
  • Educate a classroom of elementary school children about diversity, respect and acceptance
  • Empower a youth with a facial difference to manage taunting and bullying
  • Encourage positive self-esteem in a child by sponsoring them to Camp Trailblazers
  • Create a community of support and understanding for adults living with facial differences
  • Train health care professionals on the personal experience of living with a difference

Last year, AboutFace took part in a project called - Break Open Ticket Development Fund Demonstration Project #4. Here are the results from that study:

Post Project Summary Report: Charity Stewardship and the Retailer Relationship

Questions? Comments?

For more information please contact Anna Pileggi by email: or phone: 416-597-2229 x24 or Toll Free: 1-800-665-3223 x24

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The Faces Of the Break Open Ticket Program

We would like to recognize some new sites as well as some loyal selling sites, and thank them for supporting AboutFace over the years!


Big Bee Convenience & Food Mart – Hamilton, ON (2014)

Ali Hamade (left) employee, and Muhamed Hamdanieh (right), owner



IMG_2244Grab n Go – Burlington, ON (2013)

Sam Endraous, owner



IMG_2242 cropped

Mount Royal Smoke Shop – Burlington, ON (2000)

Henry Lee, owner

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