Kelsey Ferrill

Kelsey joined AboutFace in the role of Communications Officer in the summer of 2022 after completing her MA in Intercultural and International Communications degree. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta and AboutFace has been an integral organization in her life for many years.

Kelsey was born with Moebius syndrome, which is a rare neurological condition that causes facial paralysis. Having lived with a facial difference her whole life, Kelsey knows firsthand how vitally important the work that AboutFace does is, and how many lives this work impacts. When you have a facial difference, it can be especially important to know that you have a community behind you, and that’s what AboutFace is to so many – a community. Kelsey is incredibly grateful to be a part of this community in both a personal and professional role.

In addition to her Master of Arts degree, Kelsey also holds a Bachelor of Communication degree from the University of Calgary and a journalism diploma from SAIT in Calgary.

Contact Kelsey: kelsey@aboutface.ca