Frankie and Pearl

In collaboration with the facial difference community, teachers, and social workers, AboutFace has created a unique school program.

From our years of working with children with facial differences, we know there is a need for education, awareness, and acceptance of facial differences in our schools. “A Lesson from Frankie and Pearl” is a lesson plan based on an animation called Frankie and Pearl that tells the story of a girl with a birthmark, navigating her first day at a new school. There are three lesson plans that support health curriculums: Kindergarten-Grade 1, Grade 1-3, and Grade 4-6.

Video and Lesson Plans

“Frankie and Pearl” is available in both English and French, both with closed captioning on our YouTube channel (video link above).

The lesson plans are FREE to download.

Lesson Plans
Kindergarten to Grade 1
Grades 1 to 3
Grades 4 to 6
De la maternelle à la 1ère année
1ère, 2ème et 3ème années
4ème, 5ème et 6ème années
This program will help:
  • Raise awareness and acceptance of facial differences in schools.
  • Encourage schools and teachers to include facial differences as part of conversations and lessons about diversity and inclusion.
  • Normalize differences (facial differences or otherwise).


The lesson plans include:
  • Information about facial differences
  • Tips on creating a safe space in your classroom
  • Grade appropriate activities, talking points, and questions
  • A larger group activity, smaller group or individual activity, and an activity related to the “Frankie and Pearl” video
  • A Frequently/Fearfully Asked Questions page to help you answer any questions
  • A list of materials needed for each activity
  • Any printouts needed for the activities.


If you would like to receive a Frankie and Pearl sticker, please click here. Proudly display your sticker on a notebook, water bottle, laptop, and beyond!

Please note: As this is a nationally accessible program, and curriculums change province to province, these programs do not include any specific curriculum expectations or learning outcomes. Our research does tell us that this program fits into “Health” or “Healthy Living” curriculums.

Do you have a student in your class with a facial difference? Check out our publications page.

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