Peer support for adults and parents

AboutFace is proud to launch the new Peer2Peer Program!

We would like to invite adults with a facial difference and parents of kids with a facial difference who would like support to fill out the survey below to be matched with a peer volunteer.

The Peer2Peer program will run for 6 months on a biweekly basis.

When: Thursdays 8pm EST (bi-weekly)

Where: Zoom

Please click HERE to sign up.


Identified as a critical resource for the facial difference community, our peer programming has two streams of support: for adults with facial differences and community parents of young children with facial differences. The goals of this service focus on empowering community members, building resilience, and offering a supportive space for sharing.

Peer support is based on a relationship between two people who have similar lived experiences. Through this experience, a peer support worker is able to support someone who may be at a different place within their journey.

This relationship is built on empathy, empowerment, and encouragement. This type of relationship is highly valued because it is a non-judgemental space that is rooted in authenticity.



To apply, please submit your resume to namrit@aboutface.ca.

P2P job description

Disclaimer: Volunteer peer support is not counselling. Peers are not medical professionals and do not diagnose or provide any medical treatment. They are volunteers with lived experience who are trained in providing peer support for the facial difference community. This program is open to individuals living across Canada.

Reach out for further details or with any questions, contact us at namrit@aboutface.ca or 1-800-665-3223.