Teens Connect

Want to connect with other teens with facial differences? Join us online for our seasonal Teens Connect program!

Teens Connect offers a space for teens with a facial difference ages 15-18 to come together once a season over Zoom to connect and participate in a program.

These FREE programs are about one hour long and range from trivia, to paint lounges, to boardgames, and more! 

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The Details


November 20 at 3pm (Eastern): Paint Lounge 

Connect with other teens and your inner Bob Ross as we take on a step-by-step paint project. If you have or can easily get materials such as paint (acrylic preferred), paint brushes, and thick paper or a canvas (all available at a dollar store), great! If you can’t, pen, pencil, makers, pencil crayons and regular paper, work just as well! You don’t need to be an artist to do well in this program! If you just want to come and hang out, that works too! Registration closes on November 16.