Trailblazers Programs

Programs for kids with a facial difference and their siblings!

About Trailblazers

Trailblazers is the only program in Canada supporting children and youth with a facial difference and their families. Through creating a fun, safe, and inclusive environment, Trailblazers becomes a place to build life-long friendships with people who share similar life experiences. Trailblazers helps kids connect through activities, grow, and learn in different ways to maintain strong mental and social health.

Children and youth have gained a sense of belonging from our programs and feel more confident and empowered after participation.

For information about our volunteer opportunities with Trailblazers, click here.

Virtual Programs

Held monthly, our Virtual Programs allow our community all across Canada to come together over Zoom and participate in fun games, arts and crafts, and more! Our virtual programs are about an hour in length and activities can range from science experiments to virtual escape rooms to printmaking (just to name a few), all from the comfort of your own home.

AboutFace Time Programs provide an opportunity to add mental health skills to your toolkit. Past programs have focused on positive self-reflection, acceptance, and personal growth.

These programs are FREE and open to kids with a facial difference and their siblings’ ages 6-15. Families are responsible for providing their own materials. With this in mind, we do our best to make them as material-friendly as possible and only keep to common household items (such as markers and paper).

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For programs for teens (15-18) please click here.


Trailblazers on the Road are our in-person community-based family programs. We are coming to a number of locations in 2022. Click on the “Locations” tab below to see where we are going! Registration for this program will be based on each location. Location and time-specific information will be available when the program launches. We hope to see you there!

Inquiry Forms

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Your answers will help guide the types of programs AboutFace offers in the future. Your input is vital!

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The Details

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Winter Virtual Programs
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  • Manitoba Trailblazers on the Road
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Registration for our Winter Virtual Programs is now open! All our virtual programs are free. We will send an email the week of the program with any materials you need to prepare. You will be responsible for providing materials. For March Break we will mailout materials.

These programs are open to kids with a facial difference and their siblings ages 6-15.

To apply for our Winter Programs, click on “Register Now” and choose “Virtual Trailblazers Programs 2022”. If you are new, please make a new account under a parent/guardian/caregiver’s name. If you are returning, please use your account login or reset your password if you forgot it.

January 30 at 1pm (Eastern): Winter Carnival

Let’s celebrate the start of the New Year with a Winter carnival! Come try your hand at seasonal crafts and activities and winter fun. Registration closes January 25 at 5pm Eastern.

January 30 at 10am (Manitoba Time): Manitoba Virtual Program Volcanoes

It’s time for some (messy) Science fun! Become a scientist for the day and explode some things! We’ll create some safety gear and make volcanoes in this very hands-on activity. This program is only open to residents of Manitoba. Registration closes January 25 at 5pm Manitoba Time.

February 24 at 4pm (Atlantic): IWK After-school Program (Ages 8-13)

Join us for an afternoon of arts and crafts and science and fun! We will be making blooming flowers and going through a virtual escape room! This program is only open to patients of IWK. Registration closes February 21 at 5pm Atlantic.

February 27 at 1pm (Eastern): Jazzercise

Let’s get up and move! Jazzercise is a great way to have fun and get your blood pumping. Follow along to the moves in this easy workout – no experience required! Registration closes February 22 at 5pm Eastern.

March 14-16 at 3pm (Eastern): March Break Art Attack

Come learn different variations of art and create different masterpieces throughout the week. From papier mâché, to making a collage, all the way to finger painting landscapes, it’s Art Attack week with AboutFace! We will be sending materials for this program. Registration closes on February 28 at 9am Eastern.

March 17 at 3pm (Eastern): AboutFace Time

Research reveals that creative writing is beneficial for promoting overall well-being, for reducing stress, and for expressing thoughts and feelings about significant life changes and challenges. In creative writing and sharing creations with others, we promote self-empowerment and social connectedness. Come out and join us for a creative writing activity where we will share different ways writing can help put all our thoughts onto paper. Registration closes on March 9 at 5pm Eastern.

*Save the Date* Virtual Camp coming August 8-10

March 26 (Edmonton), March 27 (Calgary)
Edmonton and Calgary

Registration launches on February 3. Location and time-specific information will be available when registration opens.

May 5 (Moncton), May 7 (Halifax), May 8 (St John’s)
Moncton, Halifax, and St John's

Registration launches on March 15. Location and time-specific information will be available when registration opens.

July 23 (Vancouver), July 24 (Victoria)
Vancouver and Victoria

Registration launches on July 2. Location and time-specific information will be available when registration opens.

April 2

Registration launches on February 10. Location and time-specific information will be available when registration opens.


Trailblazers on the Road will be coming to the following locations in Ontario:

  • Barrie: April 24. Registration opens March 7
  • Sudbury: June 11. Registration opens April 21
  • London: June 18. Registration opens April 28
  • Hamilton: June 19. Registration opens April 28
  • Toronto: July 9. Registration opens May 19
  • Ottawa: July 16. Registration opens May 26

Location and time-specific information will be available when registration opens.

June 4

Registration launches on April 14. Location and time specific information will be available when registration opens.

April 9 (Regina) April 10 (Saskatoon)
Regina and Saskatoon

Registration launches on February 17. Please stay tuned for more information!


If you are interested in volunteering with our Trailblazers programs please contact stefania@aboutface.ca or call 1-800-665-3223 x22


If you have any questions about eligibility or child, youth and family programs, please contact stefania@aboutface.ca or call 1-800-665-3223 x22