Our Community


I have been volunteering with AboutFace for about 10 years and am a regular on the Bingo crew. I show for a couple of hours and Bingo raises a lot of money for AboutFace, which can do alot good for so many people. It is such a small thing that translates to an exponential result.

I found the AboutFace website quite a few years ago, subscribed to the newsletter and indicated that I wanted to help wherever and whenever possible. I helped out on a couple of occasions at a basketball events and loved the experience. Last year I donated a painting for an auction event, and it re-kindled awareness that I wanted to help and was open to opportunities. As I get older and count my blessings, I realize how important it is to give back, support and provide what you can to enrich the lives of others.

As a child, I received excellent care at Sick Kids Hospital, (I have a hare lip and cleft palate) however I belong to a generation who simply struggled in silence. There was no counselling or resources, and I like most, transitioned through life as well as possible. I was lucky in many ways, since there was no social media, Facebook, Tinder, or Instagram. I can only imagine the additional pressures children and adults with facial differences contend with today. So if I can help just one child have a great camp experience, fund a new procedure, help a family deal with the unexpected, and support an organization that offers these supports then I’m happy to do that. We have to strive to leave the world in a betterĀ place than we found it.