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Kiana and Jaylynn

I’m Kiana and I’m 11. I was born with cleft lip and palate. My 6 year old sister Jaylynn and I are both competitive cheerleaders. Like a lot of sisters we sometimes argue, and earlier this year, my mom Tamara told us we needed to work on a project together to build better teamwork. We came up with the idea of selling scrunchies as a fundraiser because… who doesn’t love scrunchies?

The money raised helps us with our cheer training. But I also wanted to make sure we help other kids with facial differences because I know how good it feels to build skills and get support and encouragement. So half of the $10 we receive from every scrunchie goes to AboutFace and Camp Trailblazers.

My mom does the sewing and it’s Jaylynn’s and my job to choose the fabrics, assemble, and sell each scrunchie. We’ve spread the word about our fundraiser to our school, family, friends, and neighbours. This spring, we had a stand at the Hi Neighbour Festival near our home in Winnipeg and we worked hard to get 100 scrunchies ready.

We’ve accomplished our goal to help send kids to Camp Trailblazers. Now we’re busy coming up with events and ideas to double that goal. Be sure to check out our Instagram page.

This has definitely helped bring my sister, my mom, and me closer together.