Our Community


I used to hide under my hair. I took every opportunity I could to not be seen. Living with Goldenhar Syndrome, I struggled with how I saw myself and how others saw me.

In the past few years, I’ve worked hard on changing my inner dialogue and now I refuse to hide. Whenever I can, I find ways to challenge the stigma of living with a difference and the Beyond My Face campaign lets me be seen for who I am.

I am Trixie from British Columbia. I have a wicked sense of humour and love fashion.

I participated in the AboutFace Beyond My Face video because I believe this campaign challenges the public stereotypes of living with a difference and will help build acceptance. This is a chance for our stories to be shared, for the multitude of voices in our community to be heard. I can’t wait for the future, when I can see people like me everywhere. I want to see people like me in movies, on TV, on red carpets, and beyond. It’s time for us to be shown in ways that we want, not as sad stories, but as people who have hopes, dreams, and desires; we deserve the same things and the same representation as those without a difference.

The work AboutFace is doing to build public acceptance of facial differences, to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions, and to support and empower people in our community is vitally important.

I am funny. I am confident. I am doing things on my terms.