Beyond My Face

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Hi, I’m Parker and I have Goldenhar Syndrome. I have some big health challenges along with my facial difference – I was born with tricuspid atresia, a serious heart condition. On top of my...

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I used to hide under my hair. I took every opportunity I could to not be seen. Living with Goldenhar Syndrome, I struggled with how I saw myself and how others saw me. In...

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I read about the call-out to participate in the Beyond My Face awareness video through social media, and I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to take part in the video because having people...

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I live in Brandon, Manitoba and grew up in White River, Ontario. I was born with Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1), a genetic disorder that causes tumours to form on nerve tissue. NF1 runs in my...

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I live in Nokomis, a small town in Saskatchewan. My small-town roots have shaped my character as well as my journey with my cleft lip and palate. I consider myself extremely lucky. I don’t...

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I am 35 years old and I was born with a unilateral cleft lip with bilateral clefts in the gums, an incomplete cleft palate, as well as a lower jaw deformity. I was also...

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Hello, I’m Alisha and I was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. Everyone’s experience with cleft lip and palate is different. My case is unusual and complicated – my upper jaw...

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Hello! I am Alexis from St. John’s, NL, and I just turned 11. I love being active: I do aerials, gymnastics, horseback riding and track, and I’m involved in many school activities. I’m also...

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Being introduced to Camp Trailblazers in my early teens was life changing. Growing up with a cleft lip and palate, I was lucky to have a supportive family and good friends. But none of...

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My story as a burn survivor began when I was three years old. I was playing in the kitchen of my home in Iran and flipped a pan of hot oil onto my scalp,...

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