What We Do

We are Canada's facial difference charity.

AboutFace’s vision is the elimination of the stigma and discrimination encountered by individuals with a facial difference.

To fulfill our vision, we focus on our mission to cultivate equity and opportunity for individuals with a facial difference through supportive programming, advocacy, and education.

While each person’s experiences with a facial difference are unique, people with facial differences share similar experiences in day-to-day life that may include:

  • Being stared at, ridiculed, bullied, or socially excluded
  • Encountering stereotypes, discrimination, and barriers to socialization, education, employment, and other aspects of society.

Our psychosocial programming, awareness campaigns, and education work provide direct support while building inclusive and safe spaces. We work collaboratively with other stakeholders: volunteers; donors; allies in the medical, dental, and social service communities; employers; educators; and others.

AboutFace was founded in 1985 as the only charity in Canada supporting individuals of every age, with any type of facial difference and their families.

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Our work focuses on three core values:


Through promoting and supporting the societal acceptance of facial differences, AboutFace advances inclusion, equity, and diversity initiatives that build safe and inclusive spaces for people with a facial difference.


Community is at the core of our work. Through community-building and networking, AboutFace helps individuals with a facial difference and their families build connections, establish support systems, and foster understanding.


AboutFace focuses on supporting the facial difference community in Canada by providing resources, programs and services, and awareness campaigns that empower.